In a world full of trends, be classic.
The Classic Course offers the foundational knowledge and training required to thrive as a lash artist. With over 30 comprehensive video modules covering all aspects of theory, application, and styling, The Classic Course will give you the skills and confidence you need to start a successful lash career.

Classic lashing is the foundation of any lash artist’s career and is the art of applying one eyelash extension per one natural eyelash. In the Classic Course, students will learn fundamental lashing techniques including natural lash isolation, creating optimal bonds, workplace setup, troubleshooting retention issues, styling and more! Our classic manual has been tested and approved by a team of professional lash artists. So whether you’re learning classic lashing at a private training event, or online, you’re getting the most up-to-date and innovative curriculum the industry has to offer.

“My training went really well and yes I did enjoy it. I’m very satisfied with everything that Vannie taught me—she was also very nice!! Can’t wait to start my eyelash career with Sugarlash PRO!” — Nayia

LashPRO Academy’s Online Classic Course was developed to accommodate working students, students with busy schedules, and those who learn better in a self-paced environment. Our video modules follow the same meticulously developed curriculum and manual that our private and salon training does, with the added convenience of self-paced study. All video modules are taught by LashPRO Academy educators and LashPRO CEO Courtney Buhler. All Online Classic students receive access to course materials, including video modules, waivers, and client file sheets for life—meaning students study on their own terms. The Online Classic Course includes 32 video lessons on all foundational topics including eye health and lashing theory, workspace setup, sanitation, bond types, proper application, styling and more. See below for full module list.

Module List

    • Eye Anatomy
    • Growth Cycle
    • Curl Types
    • Diameter Types
    • Mink vs. Flat vs. Silk Lashes
    • Choosing Length and Diameter
    • Lash Extension Weights
    • Building Weight
    • Signs of Stress on the Lashes
    • Adhesive Theory
    • Lash Cure Mister Theory
    • LashPRO Cleanser Theory
    • Primer Theory
    • Gel Remover Theory
    • Disinfectant Theory
    • Sanitation vs. Sterilization
    • Lash Artist Hygiene
    • Workspace Sanitation
    • Eye Conditions and Allergies
    • Warning Signs
    • When you Have them Back
    • Advanced Reactions
    • Organizing your Workspace
    • Adhesive setup
    • Lash Palette Options
    • Brushes and Bed Setup
    • Posture
    • Lighting
    • Lash Bed and Stool Setup
    • Eyewear
    • Mask and Ventilation
    • Hand Care
    • Cleansing Natural Lashes
    • Heavy-duty Clean
    • Priming Natural Lashes
    • Gel Pad Types
    • Upper Lash Isolation
    • Advanced Gel Pad Troubleshooting
    • Securing Stubborn Lashes
    • Fluttering and Partially Open Eyelids
    • Lash Shaping Styles
    • Eye Planes
    • Eye Shapes
    • Eye Sets
    • Determining Styling for your Client
    • Cat Eye Styling
    • Open Eye Styling
    • Natural Sweep
    • Reverse Cat Eye
    • Choosing Emphasis Length
    • Setting your Style Map
    • Mixing Curls within Sets
    • Blending Curls within Sets
    • Drooping Lashes
    • Using Curls to Enhance
    • Adding Profile Volume
    • Capping
    • Capping with Multiple Curls
    • Isolating Lashes
    • Spreading the Lash Line
    • Basic Lash Isolation
    • Side Swipe Isolation
    • Lifting Isolation
    • Tape-back Isolation
    • Picking up Individual Extensions
    • Adhesive Control
    • Cyanoacrylate Theory
    • Glue vs. Adhesive
    • Force Curing
    • Storage
    • Common Myth
    • Allergies
    • Safety
    • Different Bond Types and their Uses
    • Extending Problem Lashes
    • Extremely Curly Natural Lashes
    • Extremely Straight Natural Lashes
    • Unruly Natural Lashes
    • Bridging Gaps in the Lash Line
    • Application Priorities
    • 5-Step Application Process
    • Checking for Stickies
    • Completing the Set
    • Curing Lash Extensions
    • Checking your Coverage
    • Cleansing before a Fill
    • Removing Unruly Extensions
    • Evening Out the Lash Line
    • Filling to Complete
    • Capping at a Fill Appointment
    • Increasing Length at a Fill Appointment
    • Decreasing Length at a Fill Appointment
    • Changing Styles at a Fill Appointment
    • Cat Eye to Natural Sweep
    • Natural Sweep to Cat Eye
    • Do’s and Don’t’s
    • Analyzing Shed Patterns
    • Lash Tangling
    • Outer Corner Shedding
    • Lash Extensions Lifting at Base
    • Clumped Lash Extensions
    • Heavy or Premature Shedding
    • Removing a Single Extension with Gel Remover
    • Removing a Full Set
    • Removing a Single Lash with Tweezer

What's Included?

Lifetime Access.
Over 20 video modules.
Classic Course Kit (optional).
One Classic Course Manual.
Waivers and client file sheets.
Certification Call*

The Classic Kit

A) Elite Adhesive
B) 10 pairs of Bio Gel Eye Pads
C) Primer
D) 45 Degree Tweezers
E) ITT Tweezer
F) SC Tweezer
G) SS Tweezer
H) Flocked Applicators
I) Mascara Wands
J) Styling Wand
K) Adhesive Film
L) Paper Tape
M) Plastic Tape
N) Lash Pure Cleanser
O) Charcoal Mask
P) Lash Cure Mister
Q) Mixed Tray Silk Lashes - C curl, 0.18
R) Mixed Tray Silk Lashes - L curl, 0.12
S) Mixed Tray Flat Lashes - C curl, 0.18
T) Mixed Tray Mink Lashes - B curl, 0.15
U) Mixed Tray Mink Lashes - D curl, 0.15


* Upon completing the Classic Course, students will receive a document of completion. If a student wants to become LashPRO Certified they must attend a certification video call, where their work is thoroughly assessed by a member of the LashPRO Academy team to ensure it meets the standard we believe should exist in the lash industry.

Many lash courses offer certification to students after completing their training regardless of their skill level, but we want our students’ clients to know that their lash artist has earned their certification by demonstrating proper techniques for safe and superior lashing.

Please note: Some countries/states require an esthetics license to perform lash services while others do not. Please check with your states health board and see what is required to perform lash services in your area after you have received your certification.



Q: How long do I have to complete the course?
A: Students taking The Volume Course Online have lifetime access to all video modules, so you can take as long as you need to finish. We recommend completing the course within 6-12 months so the material stays fresh, but you can rewind, pause, or stop the course completely and return to your modules whenever you want!

Q: When do I get my document of completion?

A: Once you have completed the course, email for your document of completion. Our Customer Service team will mail it to you.

Q: Why don’t you offer certification?
At LashPRO Academy, we believe certification should be earned, not bought. That’s why we offer live certification through a certification call once you’ve completed The Volume Course Online. After you’ve soaked in all of that volume lashing knowledge, and you feel confident in your isolation, application, and styling skills, click the Certification tab in the side menu and schedule a call with one of our LashPRO Academy proctors. If your skills meet the standards we believe should exist in the industry, you will be offered  LashPRO Academy Certification, and we’ll send you your certificate in the mail.

Q: How long after completing the course can I be certified?
At this time, you can become certified any time after the completion of your online course. In order to become LashPRO Certified, please visit our Certification page here to learn more.

Q: Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Because The Volume Course Online includes immediate access to all course material and kit, we do not offer refunds.

Q: Do i need a licence to offer lash services?
The regulations in each country/state is different for providing lash services and licensing may or may not be required. Sugarlash PRO is not responsible for pre-screening and all due diligence is up to the individual purchasing courses to comply with their state regulations.